Federal & Postal Service Disability Retirement: Right Questions (Part 2)

Beyond asking questions of one’s self (financial; employment; future; whether one will last until regular retirement, etc.), it is also important to take a two-step process in preparing for a disability retirement application:  First, to do your own, independent research (in this day and age, internet research is the obvious first step), and Second, to contact an attorney.  By the time you contact an attorney concerning disability retirement issues, you should already have an idea as to what your intentions are. 

Hopefully, the attorney you contact will be experienced and knowledgeable concerning all aspects of Federal Disability Retirement laws under FERS & CSRS.  There are many attorneys “out there”; some attorneys do work in Social Security, Federal Worker’s Comp, etc.  Other attorneys perform work in various Federal labor matters; and still others perform work in State and private disability insurance issues.  Remember, Federal Disability Retirement is a specific, specialized field of law; it is best to retain an attorney who specializes and focuses upon your specific area of concern.  Finally, in speaking with an attorney, you should come to a point of becoming “comfortable” with that attorney:  and “comfort” comes only as a result of competent and confident advice — advice that is consistent with the facts you have gather from your prior research on the matter.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

2 thoughts on “Federal & Postal Service Disability Retirement: Right Questions (Part 2)

  1. Roberto Vasquez

    Work for USPS, been out since 4-13-08. Injuryed on job, herniationof L4/L5 disc. My doctors say operation is reguired. OWCP secop says i’m ok with restriction. Waiting on third opinion doctor appointment. My doctors say even after operation i will not return to my job. If thats the case i need to my options. On job 23 yrs, am 59 yrs. old. I had a great life before all this.


    Postal employee on OWCP total disability since September 1996 and want to know if I will be forced on disability retirement at some point in time?

    On employer’s rolls 37 years and am 63 years old.


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