Federal and Postal Disability Retirement: OPM over OWCP

I still get many emails and phone calls about the onerous, “over-the-top” behavior, and the bullying tactics of OWCP/DOL temporary total disability payments & requirements — everything from constant, incessant and unending, harassing letters, to requiring further evaluations from second and third opinion doctors (or so-called doctors), to constantly requiring one’s treating doctor to justify the continuing disability status, thereby endangering the continuation of the doctor-patient relationship.  And who can criticize or blame the doctor for wanting to drop a patient for the amount of hours he/she has to put into, for “non-medical” issues, and for the time expended which the doctor will never be paid for? 

Yes, Worker’s Comp pays more.  Yes, it is non-taxable.  Yes, there are monetary reasons for staying on OWCP.  But the truth is, money doesn’t buy peace of mind or a life of lesser stress.  OWCP is meant to be a temporary means of providing income — it is not designed for the long term, and indeed, the Office of Worker’s Compensation makes that abundantly clear by their actions.  OPM Disability retirement under FERS or CSRS pays much less, but it allows for independence and a semblence of freedom, not even to mention a life of some dignity.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

2 thoughts on “Federal and Postal Disability Retirement: OPM over OWCP

  1. Joyce Couser

    I am in severe pain with a pinched sciatia nerve and can’t get DOL to approve my surgery, We have appealed twice. My doctor
    wanted to appeal again. I am wearing down with pain and trying to get to work everyday. I am 55 and to young to retire. I feel with surgery I could work several years longer. I don’t feel
    I am being treated fair. They say, well you can go thru your own
    insurance. Ok, but I have to be off with no pay. Even if I get out on disability I still need surgery. Any advice you could give would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Joyce Couser
    Kansas City, MO

  2. Paul P Jr

    Hi I was a mailman that got hurt on the job and had problems with pain from an injury that happened there and I knew it but was treated like I was faking or going crazy cause I constantly complained I was in agony pain and I was. I didn’t know what it was but it was from the injury that was documented there and I didn’t get why until later. Had a misdiagnosed ankle sprain that was a OS Trignum break and pulled damaged tendon that would hurt and cause me to limp and months went by I had pain in my knees and back. I didn’t know at the time but now I am fighting for justice and compensation. I was physically drained and abused there by the employers that forced me to work injured then forced me to leave injured. I was hating them and the company so bad. They offered me a supervisor position and I wad their best worker before I got injured. Since I left people treated me so poorly and ugly that I developed PTSD and depression. I have manic episodes cause people just push my buttons too much. If someone can help me fight and get validation it would help. I been trying to get a lawyer since the union wasn’t helping me. Email me at loakypaul@yahoo.com

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