FERS & CSRS Disability Retirement for Federal and USPS Workers: The Office of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management is taking a long time to process Federal Disability Retirement applications and benefits, at all levels of the process.  It is not something which can be corrected in the short term, except with patience and polite persistence.  From their point of view, the people working at the Office of Personnel Management are doing their best in reviewing and evaluating each Federal Disability Retirement case, and attempting to process all approved cases as expeditiously as possible.  But from the perspective of the individual applicant, whether awaiting for a decision by OPM or for payment because an application has already been approved, any delay beyond the normal, expected time-frame (and there is no timetable which is “set in stone” with OPM) is one which is unacceptable.  If an individual’s Federal Disability Retirement application has already been approved and that person is receiving interim payments, then he or she is awaiting for finalization of the case; that person, at least, is receiving some payment, and should be thankful for that, because there are many others who have gotten an application approved but has been waiting for months without any pay at all.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

2 thoughts on “FERS & CSRS Disability Retirement for Federal and USPS Workers: The Office of Personnel Management

  1. Joe

    I recently retired and OPM is taking a very long time. OPM processes disability retirements in a different section than they process normal retirements. I’m not entirely sure that means anything though. I know of a recent retiree who retired normally, not under disability, and it took nearly 10 months for her to finalize. I’m on my 10th month. I have politely called, emailed and now I have asked for my congressman to help but all he can do is pester them too. To use a much over used word “It is what it is.” So for all who are retireing expect a long wait. Don’t expect much empathy or sympathy. In OPM’s mind your getting paid something and be thakful for that. It’s not the right attitude but it’s the one they have. They should have the attitude that you served faithfully, contributed to your retirement, and did all that you were suppose to do and now it’s their turn to serve you. But thats not the case. It’s like your taking something you did not earn. But thats another story. Be patient because you really have no other choice, Joe.

  2. rman

    Its beyond frustrating i was approved 2 half years ago and still not finalized. Have spent countless hours on phone. Stped counting how many times i got the dreaded we’ll call you back in 48 hours. New team in boyers pa is a joke. They keep”escalating” and dc keeps sending it back. The whole system has turned into a lottery no rhyme or reason some people are done quickly some in years others not at all. Think they r stalling for the usps to go belly up so they can just send those to the shredder

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