Early Retirement for Disabled Federal Workers: Formulating an Effective Statement

Writing can be a chore; writing to convey an abstract idea clearly and concisely can be draining; but, further, if writing is about one’s self, and the self-referential “I” is the central theme of the written formulation, it can be a draining chore.  In formulating the Applicant’s Statement of Disability (Standard Form 3112A) in preparing a Federal Disability Retirement application under FERS or CSRS, it is important to convey the multiple elements of “proof” which must be presented before the Office of Personnel Management.  

To this end, it is helpful to understand the eligibility elements under the law, including those elements which have been discussed in various Merit Systems Protection Board cases where Federal and Postal employees have been denied their initial and Reconsideration attempts at obtaining Federal Disability Retirement benefits. The heart of such cases always discuss, analyze, and evaluate the why, when and what of a Federal Disability Retirement case, and that is where the “meat” of the essential elements are contained.  Lawyers who practice in the area of law generically entitled, “Federal Disability Retirement Law” should and must study the “new” cases which are handed down, and this is why an attorney who practices in this area of law can be helpful — both in formulating the Applicant’s Statement, as well as in meeting all of the eligibility requirements under the law.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

1 thought on “Early Retirement for Disabled Federal Workers: Formulating an Effective Statement

  1. Sharon

    Why do Medically retired federal employees lose so much in retirement cuts never getting their 100% never getting 80 % but only a meer 60% to be again cut down to 40% and why is it that when these people win their cases adn then apply for SSDI benefits and win that too! ony to find out that during the first 12 months of disability they are at a 100% loss and then after the first 12 months they get somehow anohter cut of 60%. Why do these people have to lose so much in order to live. and only ending up with 80% of a total earnings between the both. When someone can file early retirement and not experience any of this. How are we supposed to live a normal life without fear of not being able to make ends meet? We had to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy due to the lack of money that was lost and now have to be paid back, money that the federal rightfully earned and then some. This is not fair to the employee that worked the federal job and any other job prior to his federal job. Something is really wrong with our system here and with our own Federal Government ripping people like us off and getting away with it. Now let me see who will answer a housewifes question here, because I just don’t understand any of this and can we hire an attorney to get what we have actually coming to us and I don’t mean the shaft either!

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