1 thought on “Medical Disability Retirement under FERS & CSRS: Persuasion

  1. Maria

    I have worked for the FBOP x 10y3 mos and retired on disability at age 45. I am now 59 and for those 19 yrs on disability retirement, I worked just under 7 yrs as parttime employss. I am not fully recovered and chances are that will never be.
    The computation for my annuity is accurate and I get $2025/mo OPM. Not qualified for Medicare yet. I imagine I will be by age 62
    I am just a few yrs away from reality. I love and need my medical insurance. I dont know how I will survive beyond age 62.
    Will my disability retirement continue less the medicare amount that I might get?
    Will I get a pension as well?
    OPM Boyers has no answer for me. If I start my Medicare at 62, I will get very little. I want to delay it (if I can) for another 5-7 yrs to take home a little more. I have substantial IRA savings but I dont know how the market would go. ($230K)
    I am an insulin dependent diabetic with other co-morbidities.
    These problems keep me awake at night (I will undergo a 4th spine surgery soon). I want to work but just cant.
    Can you help by explaining things that I might expect?
    Thank you very much.

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