Happy New Year

And so passes another decade and entrance into a New Year: 2020. Seasons come and go; the years pass by; and the days linger beyond the daily grind of an impervious universe. We mark the occasion with celebratory bifurcations: Before the second and just after; and yet, nothing much changes, only that we have to remember to change every notation from “19” to “20”. Objectively, does it make any sense? Or does the continuum of time merely reflect the truth that such artificial demarcations are only for convenience’s sake, in order to have an excuse to act in ways we otherwise would be too embarrassed to admit to? Nevertheless, whether artificial or natural, the change of another year is a time to celebrate, and to reflect upon a coming New Year full of hope for the future and putting behind us the trials of yesteryear.

Enjoy the moment, for the worth it represents: It is indeed a New Year, fresh in its resolve and without any mistakes in the first few seconds. Happy New Year!


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

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