Daily Archives: December 24, 2020

Have a Merry Christmas

No one likes to be the grinch of any Christmas — even of 2020. It will not soon be forgotten. Christmas is about relationships, and the pandemic of 2020 has devastated the personal connections so integral in forming, establishing, maintaining and developing personal and professional relationships. One could, of course, be an optimist and make the argument that if there is to be social distancing, extreme care of contact, etc., then the compensation accorded by this technological age (Zoom and other types of video-conferencing, etc.) makes 2020 as the best time for a viral and infectious disease. It is the “at least” argument — at least we can still stay in contact; at least we can “see” each other; at least… Ultimately, optimism is the best feature of humanity, for it allows for a hopeful outlook to the future; and so we tip our hats to Christmas of 2020, close our eyes and dream of fairies, gnomes, Santa Clause and his helpers, and bid everyone a Merry Christmas, 2020.
Sincerely, Robert R. McGill, Esquire