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Federal Disability Retirement: Happy Holidays — 2021

Each year, every season, they all have their unique “flavors”.  This was supposed to be the year and season when the pandemic came to be resolved; when economic and social uncertainty would be repaired; when the power of science through technological innovations of quickly-adapted immunization advances would defeat nature’s attempt to subvert the dominance of the human species, the insatiable consumption of available resources and ongoing destruction by encroachment of our environment — except for the disruption by a virus.

Covid-19 and its mutated forms turned out to be more resilient than first thought.  It has brought out the fissures within our society; of eruptions in political divisions; of questioning the infallibility of science and their spokespeople.  Political wrangling; scientific limitations; and ultimately — fear.  Fear of death; fear for the future; fear that our economy and the health-care delivery system will collapse.

The virus itself, as with all invisible forces which cannot be controlled by human means — words, argumentation, human discourse, appeal to empathy, etc. — evoke responses based upon irrationality and emotional instability.  The virus — nature’s revenge — is merely an amoral entity which is the penultimate paradigm of evolutionary design: adaptable; able to mutate in order to survive; a ravaging force which is unconcerned with human lives of any age group, and will facilitate to indiscriminately take advantage of any and every vulnerability exposed.

With that, what are we left with?  What we have always been left with: The comfort and joy of family and friends.  For, in the end, the “Holidays” are nothing more than the voice calling from afar, of a hug, a shared story, and a gathering around meals to share that sense of belonging and return — of the Holidays as a tradition, a force, a warm memory.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, 2021.


Robert R. McGill


OPM Disability Attorney Help: Turning the Proverbial Corner

Hope is what motivates; without it, even a figment of a semblance of it, the energy to continue becomes depleted and dissipated.

Turning the proverbial corner is often that glint of hope — of thinking that one is on the verge of change, alteration, modification, improvement and success.  And when desperation rears its ugly head (yes, another proverb of sorts), any improvement at all becomes a welcomed turn of the page (and again, another proverb we are familiar with).

Chronic medical conditions tend to extend and prolong such causes of hope; of a doctor’s positive attitude, the physical therapist’s “goals to achieve”; or perhaps the nurse’s notation that you are “better” today as opposed to the month before.  But objectively — can this continue until you are eligible for full retirement?

The proverb itself — of turning the corner — may be to file for Federal Disability Retirement benefits under FERS, for the Federal or Postal employee.

Perhaps the “change” to consider is not the medical condition itself, but rather, the job and responsibilities which come with the job — that position which you can no longer perform because of the medical condition itself.

Contact an OPM Disability Lawyer who specializes in Federal Disability Retirement Law, and consider turning the proverbial corner by preparing an effective Federal Disability Retirement application, to be filed with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management under FERS.


Robert R. McGill
Lawyer exclusively representing Federal and Postal employees to secure their Federal Disability Retirement benefits under FERS from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.