Daily Archives: May 30, 2022

Federal Disability Retirement: Memorial Day 2022

It is a day of solemn observance; an obligation to actually pause and do something — to remember, to honor, to engage in memory, even if there is no one personally “known” to have made the ultimate sacrifice.  For, a nation which fails to remember is one which is destined to repeat its mistakes; and it is only fitting that this commemorative day is celebrated just before the traditional festivities of summer.

And the best way to remember is through gathering and celebrating — of families getting together around a barbecue and sharing memories of loved ones once present but now represented by an empty chair, or of stories from long ago — grandparents of another era, great grand-nieces and nephews now captured only by fading photographs where stillness and smiles are dotted with age.

Both as a day of solemn remembrance and of celebratory festivities, Happy Memorial Day, 2022.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire