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FERS Medical Retirement: Merry Christmas 2022

It occurs every year on the same date, year after year — and, yet, each time is unique, different, and memorable.  Despite the sameness, we can somehow remember explicit differences separating each — of dinner table conversations years later: “Remember Christmas of ____ when Uncle Ben went out and did X?”; “Or that Christmas morning snowstorm in ___?” Somehow, no matter the clutter of memories, each is bifurcated independently with joyful memories of uniqueness.

It is a time when everyone agrees to a cessation of hostilities and goes about shouting “Merry Christmas!”  To family and strangers alike.  That alone, in and of itself, is a miracle, without even invoking the religious significance of the date.  Somehow, all of the enmity and differences which divide, melt away, and are placed with goodwill from and for all.  Nations and families —both at the micro and macro levels, agree to a truce; everyone takes the day off (even Scrooge) and enjoys the company of the moment; and the warmth of the day sparkles with the blinking lights of decorated trees and windows in testament to joy and hope for tomorrow.

There is no other day like Christmas, and despite all of the problems facing families and nations alike, we will remember Christmas 2022 years hence — as that special day when we gathered together to shout the universal language: “Merry Christmas! “  And peace and joy to all.

Robert R. McGill, Lawyer exclusively representing Federal and Postal employees to secure their Federal Disability Retirement benefits under FERS from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.