OPM Disability Retirement: The Spouse

I find that when a person is filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits under FERS, an important component which is often overlooked is the supportive spouse.  I often get calls concerning various aspects of the Disability Retirement process — not from the applicant, but from the spouse.  And, indeed, this is natural, because often the medical condition itself is serious enough that the applicant is unable to “handle” or “deal with” the complexities of the process itself.  It becomes further complicated when the medical condition which is suffered is a psychiatric condition — severe Major Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal ideations, etc.

However, whether it is psychiatric or physical, a supportive spouse — or “significant other” — is often very, very important to the success of the entire process.  Obviously, as an attorney who represents “the Client“, I must be careful that there is never a conflict between the Applicant (my client) and “the spouse”, but that is rare.  In almost all cases, I find that the spouse is looking after the best interest of my client, and I am happy to talk to and update the spouse on any and all issues surrounding a FERS Disability Retirement case, because I know that he/she is looking after the best interests of my client, just as I want to.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire
Federal Disability Retirement Attorney

1 thought on “OPM Disability Retirement: The Spouse

  1. Dwayne Schnelle

    Sir, I wish that my spouse was supportive but she is not. I am due to be disabled from my Federal Technician position here in Oregon. I work for the Oregon Army National Guard and I was disabled from the Army on 2 August 2009. Because I can no longer work to the standards of the position and there is no longer a position for me I am being Disabled from my Federal position. My soon to be former Spouse wants not only part of my Military Disability Retirement, my VA retirement and my Federal Disability retirement. I know that the first two she can not touch do to my disabilities but how do I stop her from touching my Federal Disability Retirement. I am already paying $3,000 a month in Family Support and giving up my retirement is obserd. Please Help!

    MAJ (Ret) Dwayne Schnelle

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