OPM Disability Retirement: The Vicious Cycle of Psychiatric Conditions

The paradigm and general assumption of those who are not suffering from a chronic medical condition, especially of a psychiatric component — whether of severe Major Depression, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, or possessing characteristics of paranoia and suicidal ideations — is one of, “What’s the big deal?”

If you are going to file for Federal Disability Retirement benefits from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, whether under FERS or CSRS, then why hasn’t the paperwork been done?  Why haven’t you gotten the medical reports (as if doctors just drop everything for their patients and fill out forms, etc.)?

Those who are not in the same shoes as a person who suffers from psychiatric medical conditions, fail to understand the vicious cycle — of the impact of the medical condition itself, upon the very ability to proceed in a productive manner.  Yet, the puzzling question is:  If X could behave and produce in the same manner as non-X, would he/she be filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits to begin with?

The vicious cycle of a person beset with psychiatric conditions involves the paralysis of behavior and the ability to create and produce.  Unfortunately, the world around us fails to understand or have the requisite empathy for such behavior.  To get out of the cycle of paralysis, the sufferer of psychiatric medical conditions will often need the advice and legal assistance of someone who can guide, prompt and implement.

The world is an uncaring system of rules and regulations; empathy and understanding, unfortunately, are not written into the law of life.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

2 thoughts on “OPM Disability Retirement: The Vicious Cycle of Psychiatric Conditions

  1. Gabriele Wenzelow

    Everytime I get stressed my condition gets worse and worse and it takes longer tio recover.I have been ill for past 2 yrs,things have not gotten better only worse.emails ignored no action taked 2 eeo complaints fmla harassment hostile work environment
    have to take tranquilizers and must literally force myself to go to work.If I call out sick,even on intermittent FMLA for PTSD and major depression.I’m written up ,even when there is no abuse .
    My job and place of employment has caused me so much stress the past 2 yrs and made my pre-existing conditionworse,I don’t like comonig here any more,I hate it,I get a panic attack every morning before going to work and have to load up on tranquilizers to many it thru the day.To me it is a House of Horrors now,I have been abused,treated undairly,ignored, disparaged,blamed for things I was not responsible for by new Superviosor,written up for things I did not to.no one did manything,I complained since Day 1.He has been here 5 months now,I’m done with him,I’m done with the dept.I’m done with the VA.VACareer of Choice??Will work with disabilities??
    Half of HR is on fmla,I bet they are not getting harassed.WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US THAt aren’t in the upper echelon,the in crowd,the click,the favorites,we must suffer in silence.When we complain we are harassed and retaliated against and no one comes to our aid,and helps us out,not the union,Hr not eeo,until there is a formal complaint or a lawsuit,then everyone starts to jump thru hoops. All of this could have been avoided to begin with!

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