1 thought on “CSRS & FERS Disability Retirement: The Law II

  1. Rob Burdsal

    Thank you for this well reason set of comments. The VA tells me my horrible spine with 3-lower back surgeries – all of which occurred only 2-years after I retired from the Air Force, isn’t a condition they can compensate, since it didn’t impact my military service. I believe progressive spinal degeneration is the same thing that OPM decided and I hope to use your comments to convince them.
    Question please: The Disabled American Veterans group told me a FERS employee who has to file for disability receives 80% the first year and then 60% for the remainder of his/her life. The FERS material shows 60% the first year, and 40% for subsequent years. Any idea where I can find something in writing – C.F.R. perhaps – showing me how disabled vets are handled differently than non-disabled vets and non-vets when they must go for disability from FERS? Thank you.

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