OWCP Disability Retirement for Federal Government Employees? Beware the Lull of Complacency

Monotony is a state of being which we often criticize, yet unintentionally seek; for it is that hiatus of quietude which allows for thoughtful reflection, and recuperative islands of serenity, which serves to prevail upon an otherwise maniacal universe of a fast-paced technological world of smart phones, email, and the constant drone of machinery and demands of the modern decalogue.

But the problems inherent with the calm of normalcy is that it serves the unwanted plate of complacency; and it is precisely the latter which then results in procrastination, a sense that things can wait until tomorrow — until that tomorrow leaves us in the throes of yesterday.

And so it is with Federal and Postal employees who remain on OWCP/Department of Labor benefits, where the luxury of being paid 66 2/3 % if without dependents, and 75% with dependents, provides for that period of life when nothing moves and everything remains static, while one attempts to recuperate from an injury or occupational disease.  But as one remains in that island of calm, the world — and time — continues to march on (do the young of today fully understand the metaphor of time in this digital age where the rhythmic constancy of a ticking clock is no longer heard?).

The Federal or Postal employee might receive a notice of separation from Federal Service, but since the OWCP payments will continue, not think twice about such mundane consequences.  But Federal Disability Retirement benefits must be filed for within one (1) year of separation from Federal Service; and when the hiatus of OWCP benefits is suddenly terminated, the world of monotony may turn upside down into one of unintended turmoil, unless a “back-up” system of benefits was applied for.

Reflective moments are a positive thing; inaction for too long, however, often results in atrophy — a state of being which is never a positive one.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

1 thought on “OWCP Disability Retirement for Federal Government Employees? Beware the Lull of Complacency


    First of All, I was injured here at MEDVAMC IN 2004, as an LVN, turning a heavy patient. Mr. Willie Turner of the OWCP here, has many times not faxed my forms or another coworkers forms to the DOL for years. My case was closed 9/27/2012, without my being sent a letter by the D.O.L. It’s sad when you have people like Mr. Turner who told me in 2006 that I would never get my back surgery. An AAmerican nurses aide hurt her back in SCI NU 1a the same day I did. She got her surgery 2yrs. later. Mr. Turner is AAmerican . I am Caucasian. There is a lot wrong with the system, including the hiring practices. I have talked to older white patients with young highly educated relatives (also white), who applied for jobs here as Nurses. The AAmerican lady that interviewed them, also AAmerican told them that the MEDVAMC only hires the best and that they weren’t the best. It seems that the only white nurses that get hired at MEDVAMC are usually quite obese and not very attractive.

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